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So much to say...  / Nikki Napier (Close friend/neighbor )  Read >>
So much to say...  / Nikki Napier (Close friend/neighbor )
Alex, I knew you since elementary school and you lived behind me for a long time. I remember going to school with you and playing with you, Matt, and Emily all the time. In elementary school you were the friend I played soccer with and played pointless games with. But we got older and became even closer in middle school. We had so many classes together, and those classes were the best ones of the day. You always had me laughing, when you weren't there I knew the day was going to be boring. I remember going to the movies and putting the popcorn buckets on our heads lol. Our last year together was the best. We talked to each other about so much. I remember what you wrote in my yearbook "thanks for being a great friend. Love you."I talked to you the night before the accident, we were talking about going to high school together and how excited we were. It hurts me to know you never got to experience the ups and downs that are high school with us. You were meant to do big things. You touched everyone that met you. Those of us who were lucky enough to be close to you couldn't help but love you. To this day you are still the most amazing person I've ever met. It's been 6 years since you were taken from us, and its not any easier to bare. I want you to know that after all this time I still think about you every day, I miss you every day. I miss my best friend. I love you so much Alex, I am truly blessed to have known you and to have had you in my life. Close
Childhood thoughts  / Jasmine Lewis (Neighbor/old friend )  Read >>
Childhood thoughts  / Jasmine Lewis (Neighbor/old friend )
The other day I was on my way home from work, on the far right shoulder of 17, and I drove past the site. It hit me all over again, like the day I remember my parents telling me what had happened. We weren't that close, mainly because of the age and grade difference but I remember when I had heard about it, I thought to myself 'Aurelie Drive will never be the same' I remember all the neighbor kids coming outside to play all at once, Kevin, Matt, Sarah, Emily, Deja, Jamal, Colby, Nigel.. All of us! I'm really sorry you had to go soo soon. Driving pass that little car shop on 17, there's not a time I don't think about you and your family, and Kevin's family or that day. Hope you're resting peacefully, buddy. See you soon! Close
5 years  / Kevin Waybright (neighboor)  Read >>
5 years  / Kevin Waybright (neighboor)
5 years boss still thinking of you 2 times a day stoped by to see you on the 4th fixed some of your flowers for ya as well you got alot of stuff over there. im gonna get a new "plack" and get my family to sign it again. did you hide my old one hahaha. talk to ya soon buddy luv ya! Close
For you  / Anonymous   Read >>
For you  / Anonymous

I got this for you back in augustus. I miss you and I love you man Close
For you  / Anonymous   Read >>
For you  / Anonymous
I miss you soooo much  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
I miss you soooo much  / Mom (Mom)
Alex - I think about you every minute of the day.  I want to hug you so bad.  Your sister reminds me of you in every way.  She just got selected as Jr. Camp Counselor at daycare - and tells me each night that she had to watch a bunch of screaming kids.... LOL  She is growing up fast.  I was involved in a horrible tragedy this year that resulted in a loss of life for a beautiful young girl - Yasmine.  Please look her up and give her a hug for me.  I'm trying to be strong - it is just too difficult.  If you were here you would be my rock...I am sure.  So many people miss you and many more that wish they could have met you.  Please Alex - touch me to let me know you are there.  I love you son!!! Close
hey buddy  / Kevin Waybright (neighboor)  Read >>
hey buddy  / Kevin Waybright (neighboor)
 hey buddy me and kyle are going to come see you on rt 17 on saterday cant wait! almost 5 years now love you man always will! Close
please send video  / Katherine Gentry (Aunt)  Read >>
please send video  / Katherine Gentry (Aunt)
my email is I would love to see it. Thank you Close
To Kevin  / Katherine Gentry (Aunt)  Read >>
To Kevin  / Katherine Gentry (Aunt)
Kevin Please text me I would like to like to touch base with you its been a long time. I would like to get some closure about that night. I hope you are doing well. I hope to hear to hear from you soon. 540-845-6525. Katherine Close
oh how  / Kevin Waybright (After school )  Read >>
oh how  / Kevin Waybright (After school )

I remeber i met Alex with Matt eperly. i was new to the neighboorhood i was mimicking them from my window they could not see me i finally came out and met them alex was there. after that we were 2 peas in a pod. we would play xbox on endless hours. i remember the one game we liked so much it was on game cube. we were not aloud in your house when ur parents were not home so we would take the little tv and set it out side snow or shine. it would be me you shirmoy and devon sweating like pigs or freezing like eskimoes in ur garage. i would give it all to go back to them days. then we got into runscape and wow with your uncle tony team up on ur uncle tony in the first halo for xbox he would get all mad throw the controller down. we would laugh when he would leav and go down stairs. hahaha. i will never forget those days man i saw you everyday after school and i can honestly say those were the best days of my life.



I wish jus wish one thing would have happend somethign so little the tiniest little thing and this all would have been avoided like some one tie there shoes let me turn the tv off. i wish man ur death could have been avoided. i did my best that night i just want you to know i stayed there with you as the cops fire trucks ambulances came. then my dad showed up and i knew something was very wrong when he walked from the cops his eyes were watering and he said you were gone me and my cuzzin kyle were broken in half we could not believe it both balling our eyes out. then haveing to go back to your house to tell ur parents i was so sick to my stomach. i did all i could that night for you alex in my heart u were and still are my best friend almost 5 years now. i dont doubt one second that we would still be playing xbox or some type of game. i love you alex! cant wait to see you again u will be the first person i look for no doubt!

Video / Dave Smith (friend)  Read >>
Video / Dave Smith (friend)
I'm sorry to hear about this tragedy.  Alex played soccer with my son Alex years ago.  I recently came across some video I took during a soccer game at Ferry Farm.  If any family member is interested I will burn a DVD of the footage and send it to you.  He was a happy kid. Close
My deepest condolences  / Leise Crandall (none)  Read >>
My deepest condolences  / Leise Crandall (none)
I've never met Alex but I see the memorial on the side of the road all the time. Today I decided to google his name and this is what I found. Alex must've been a great person. It's been four years now but he and his story will never be forgotten. For the family I'm sure it still hurts the same as it did four years ago. I'd like to offer my deepest condolences to all of you. Take care. You're in my prayers. With love Leise Close
miss you buddy  / Phil Freeman (Good Friend )  Read >>
miss you buddy  / Phil Freeman (Good Friend )


   I miss you man. I drive by your sit bout everyday always say a little prayer for you when i see it. Hope your doin great man. I know you would have loved your senior year and would have been the one person to out prank everyone else. I miss you buddy and wish you were still here and gettin ready to go to college like everyone else.


Love ya bro


RIP / Anonymous Author (Neighbor)  Read >>
RIP / Anonymous Author (Neighbor)
I can't believe it has been four years today. It just makes me realize how short life really is and how much we need to live for today. RIP today and always Alex. Your Family is in my prayers today. Close
We miss you!!  / Mom   Read >>
We miss you!!  / Mom


We miss you so much.  It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since you have been away from us.  Every day my heart aches and the desire to see you again is practically unbearable.  I have met a nice guy and he is taking care of me and Bella.  He visits your memorial and keeps things looking real nice.  He is a great man!  Belle is growing up to a tough little girl.  I'm sure you are real proud of her.  She is an awesome baseball player.   If there was something I could have done to prevent this tragedy from happening - I'm sorry!  Not a day goes by that I blame myself for not doing something to prevent it.  One day I will be able to forgive myself and move on.  I love you my dear Alex. 



Forever Young  / Alyssa Lanciault (Good Friend )  Read >>
Forever Young  / Alyssa Lanciault (Good Friend )

Hey Alex

Yeah a few years have passed now and it is still so hard to believe you are gone. I always drive by the site where the accident happened.  whoever is keeping it up does a really good job because it is so pretty.  I miss you a lot and just can't help to think what you would be doing now since high school graduation is coming close.  I know that you are in heaven and livin it up with god along with all the others who have died too young.  Just so you know that I miss you a lot but I know that you are an amazing and funny kid. I will love you always and forever



Happy Birthday!!  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday!!  / Mom
18 today.  You would have been such a handsome man.  We miss you.  We will be at Sakura's tonite - celebrating your big day!  I wish you were here.  Love you.  Mom and Bella Close
happy birthday rufus  / Kristen Lewis (close friend and neighbor )  Read >>
happy birthday rufus  / Kristen Lewis (close friend and neighbor )
today was a sad day because your gone and i miss you terribly i went to your memorial site to say hi even though i know your not there anymore i wish you could of been here the past couple of years because i needed you desprately. i miss talking about our problems on the step when things at home got too sad. i miss bella and playing with her in the snow and most of all i miss your smile. i played you the new green day cd thought you would enjoy it. i love you alot and today was hard people say that as time passes it easier to loose a loved one but the longer your gone the more i realize you not coming back and i miss you dearly. i love you and happy birthday. Close
Tribute To Alex I gave in my speech class.  / Taylour Key (baby sitter )  Read >>
Tribute To Alex I gave in my speech class.  / Taylour Key (baby sitter )
Is anyone ready to lose a family member? or friend? Alex Overby was someone I lost. Alex was one of many kids I baby sat in my neighborhood when I was high school. He was a really good kid. He was extremely caring, obedient and just all around a awesome kid. There are many great stories to tell about Alex; when he was about six years old he stole his uncle's checkbook and wrote out checks to all the kids in the neighborhood for Pokemon cards. When he was about five years old, it was discovered that his name was written all over his bedroom wall. When his parents asked him "Who did it?" he said, "Major did it"...Major was his dog. As you can tell from these stories, Alex was a pretty funny kid. He also cared very much for his family and friends. Alex was always there for his friends; for emotional support and just to be there for them as a friend. Alex would often play football in the cul-de-sac, where he lived, with his neighborhood friends. Sometimes the little kids would want to play as well and Alex would always include them, no matter what.

During the summer of 2006, Alex went to the YMCA and had the opportunity to play basketball and volleyball with the mentally handicapped and he really enjoyed it. He said many times that he was looking forward to having that opportunity again. But, unfortunately Alex never had that opportunity again. On July 3, 2006 at 1:00am, Alex and his two friends snuck out of the house and walked down a busy highway that parallels our subdivision. They were headed to a "all night" gas station to get candy. For these three teenage boys, it seemed like an innocent enough activity.While walking back home, Alex was struck by a car and died fifteen minutes later. Thankfully, neither one of his friends were hurt. What makes this story so sad is is the teenage girl that hit him was a neighbor and friend of his that he had played with when they were younger.She realized she had hit something, but, had no idea it was a person and especially that it was Alex.

The police arrived and after many attempts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead. Around 2:00am, the police then went to tell his parents; the policeman said, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this , but your son was struck by a car on US 17 and killed...I'm sorry for your loss." Initially, they told the policeman that he must be mistaken because Alex and his friends were in the basement asleep. Discovering that Alex was not where they thought he was, they quickly realized the news was true and that it was the worst news a parent could get. How does parent deal with such a tremendous loss? It's not easy to describe and yet life must go on. I wasn't aware of the accident or that Alex had died. The following day my mom heard from a neighbor about the accident and immediately called me. I was out shopping with my cousin when I received my moms phone call. This of course stirred up many emotions in me I was sad, shocked and found it very hard to comprehend.

Later on I discovered that after Alex was struck by the car, he laid in the ditch next to the road for the last ten to fifteen minutes of his life saying over and over again "I don't want to die, I don't want to die". His friends were unable to do anything to help, so they just stood there and watched him suffer. By the time the ambulance arrived it was too late. Alex was gone. The shock and disbelief that surrounded our neighborhood was almost unbearable. How could an innocent life be taken so quickly? Another sad part to this story is Alex's parents were in the process of separating and filing for a divorce. As difficult as it was for his parents, it was even more difficult for for his younger sister, Bella. She not only lost her brother that she looked up to and loved, but she now would have to endure the situation with her parents alone.

His funeral was a few days later and thinking at the time I just couldn't handle the service I ended up not going. I regret this very much and to make up for missing his funeral I go to his grave site at least once a year. I was told by friends that his funeral was a great tribute to the life Alex had lived. There were so many kids from his school that attended and there were many comments made in regards to the kind of person Alex was...not only was g\he entertaining and a funny kid, but as you can tell from this story he cared very much for people and he was a loyal friend that everyone loved.

Last Christmas, I attended a neighborhood Christmas party and to my surprise, Alex's mother was there with his sister Bella. It was so good to see her and before I knew it we were talking about Alex and reminiscing over the funny things he did. She and I were laughing and it felt so good to remember Alex in that way.

Alex touched a lot of people's lives and I will never forget him. Alex you are greatly missed. Close
it feels like yesterday  / Erika Freeman (friend)  Read >>
it feels like yesterday  / Erika Freeman (friend)

 It feels like yesterday u and my bother phillip were playing soccer. Runnying up and down the feld not really know whut u were doing. When u guys would win u would have thougt that is was ur brithday or somthing and u were having a pratyed for it.It was all ways so much fun going to ur guys games! it ward thinking that this summer it will be 3 years ago that u left us.I rember when you would come down to the house and stay the night and you boys would just stay UpALLnight .We would say boys go to bed and we would hear OK . we would come back in like an hour and u would hear haha hehe just having soo much fun. that we would just say you know whut they are having fun just let thim stay up.So we would just say oh we will come back in like a hour later and we would see u guys just laying everwere like one of u would be in like a chir lol one of u would be on the floor and we would say there is a bes right there why didnt they sleep in it lol. well i hope you are doing GOOD up there We al miss u and love u 4ever 

Rest in peace


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