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His legacy
Alex - everyone's sweetheart  

A piece of Alex lives on in everyone he has ever met.  

First I want to mention some of things Alex has done in the past that we can only laugh about now.  Such things as:
 - When Alex was about 5 we moved a dresser in his bedroom and the name 'Alex' was written on the wall.  We asked him who did that.  He said, "Major did it."  (The dog)
 - When he was about 6 he stole my brothers checkbook and wrote checks to the neighborhood kids for Pokemon Cards (Because he wrote the name of the pokemon on the memo line we knew which card belonged to whom - so we could return them.)
 - On the way to Atlantic City he donned a pair of goggles and scuba gear and stuck his head out of the window.  Everyone was laughing as they drove past and even snapped pictures....
 - I was pulling in the driveway from work and was stopped by a covered bucket in the driveway.  I walked up to it and looked in side and screamed - there were frogs hopping out and little snakes.  Alex came running out laughing.
 - One Thanksgiving Alex went to our neighbors house - The Epperly's - and explained a scratch on his leg as a Turkey Carving accident, a trip to the ER, and stitches.  This was for a small scratch he got weeks before.
 - Alex always reminded me how much I sucked at this video games.  He always asked me to play but NEVER wanted to be on the same team with me.  Bad thing is - neither did his friends.
 - One Halloween Alex wanted to dress up as a Hooters Girl - uhm we didnt allow that.
 - Alex was in the cub scouts and hated it...and reminded us a lot.  We still sent him and he went and did very well.
That is all I can think of right now.  Alex was more than just a ham.  He was a very caring person.  He has been called a matchmaker at school.  He was there - emotionally - for all his friends.  He was their support.  When he played football in the cul-de-sac and the small kids came out - he stopped and included them.  While doing community service at the YMCA last week - he the opportunity to play volleyball/basketball with the mentally handicap children.  When he got home - he said it was fun and really enjoyed it.  He couldn't wait to do that again.  

He enjoyed motorcycle rides with his Dad.  Wrestling with his sister Bella.  She was teaching her to fight because he said she needed to defend herself until he was able to get to her and rescue her.  

Alex was supposed to light our fireworks this year.  I finally gave in and told him I would let him do the honors.  He was so excited.  In memory, his best friend Ms. Alex lit them for us.  We know this was very emotional for her and we appreciate her doing this for us - we would not have had any celebration otherwise.

Alex - you touched everyone and will continue to do so.  We love you and miss you dearly.  

(Mom and Dad)  

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