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Note To Alex  / Taylour Key (Babysitter)  Read >>
Note To Alex  / Taylour Key (Babysitter)

I saw your mom and sister at a christmas party today and wow your sister is really growing up and she looks so much like you its crazy! Your mom seems to be doing good. I can tell she really misses you and not only that but how much she loves you. Your were her life Alex! :)  I cant believe it has been almost 3 years since your death its scary how time flies by! I miss babysitting you. You were a great and awesome kid! I will always remember you! Rest in Peace Alex.

Taylour Key Close
Major is with you  / MOM   Read >>
Major is with you  / MOM
Alex - we learned that Major just could not hang on.  He is now with you.  He was so sad when you left us.  Although he was able to enjoy running the country side of upper New York - he never was the same without you.  I now know you are not alone because you have your best buddy with you.  There are many memories we all have of the two of you running the neighbor.  Between you on the skate board with Major pulling you - to the entire neighborhood participating in capturing Major when he got loose.  Bella and I love you Alex and miss you dearly!  Close
RIP / Brandon (Friend)  Read >>
RIP / Brandon (Friend)
Dude you were one cool kid. I remember when we use to make fun of each others shit everyday and laugh at people when they use to call us dumb for stating the obvious. Your in a better place and Ill be meeting up with you once Im there. I miss you man. Close
Happy Thanksgiving  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Mom
Hello Sweety.  Wanted to say that Bella and I know that you will be right by us this Holiday.  We wish you were here.  Luv Mom. Close
Happy BDay  / Mom   Read >>
Happy BDay  / Mom
Hello Sweety - we miss you dearly.  Happy 16th birthday.  You'd be begging us for that car so you could take all your girlfriends to the movies.  Your sister and I talk about you everyday.  Bella keeps saying your the 'Teen Angel' taking care of the little angels up there.  But I'm sure you are having a big bash up there today!!!!  We went to Sakura's last nite and celebrated your birthday.  We had a seat for you and they brought a cake out with a candle.  Did you hear us sing? 

Alex - Bella and I love you so much.  Please look over your sister and guide her. 

Mom Close
the BIG 16  / Becca Rector (Friend)  Read >>
the BIG 16  / Becca Rector (Friend)

wow the big sixteen huh?
i bet your excited and having a BOMB party up there 
well im going to your site tonight i made you a shirt again and a poster and i got this book and everyone is writting you a letter i hope you like them ill be leaving them at the 17 site. 
Your HomeComming is tommrow and like allie says that if you were still here that youd be homecomming prince and i really think that is true because everyone loved you. 
Were all wearing the shirts that Cynthia made they look really good i bet youd LOVE them. 
well its still seems like yesterday and i still can belive that you gone but i kno ill see you again someday 
you  a great person that is missed by many 
much love man 
&& may you rest in peace 

<3 Becca  <3
Bday / Cynthia Rodriguez (Close friends )  Read >>
Bday / Cynthia Rodriguez (Close friends )
Heeeey Man.

Today is your big ONE-SIX!!!!  I can't believe it. Everyone in stafford is soo hyped cuz its your bday. 

Im going to your site tonight.

I<3you kiid. Close
Alex, you truly are missed  / Rachel Rochte (friend and neighbor )  Read >>
Alex, you truly are missed  / Rachel Rochte (friend and neighbor )
Alex Overby... you always had a way to make me smile. I can not believe it's been a year today...
I'd give anything to have you back...even though you were always teasing me :)
Not a day goes by that i don't think about you and all your friends and family and how much they must miss you
We love you Alex and we'll see you again someday...
My prayers are always with you. Watch over us man. We miss you

Rachel Close
dear alex  / Makenzie Carpenter (Neighbor/Friend)  Read >>
dear alex  / Makenzie Carpenter (Neighbor/Friend)
wow. today will make it a year since you have been gone. I cant believe it. everything has changed so much. its hard to think i cant walk down the street and get you to come outside. or that me and you cant take stupid pictures on the bus and steal each others stuff. you made me laugh so much. you made everyone laugh. you were the light that brightened every persons i know day. you were always there to listen and cheer somebody up. i miss you. so much that i cant express the words. to alexs family: i am incredibly sorry for your loss & I cant imagine how it must feel. Your son, your brother, your nephew, he was an incredible person. & he will never be forgotten.

rest in peace. Close
In Rememberance  / Kristina Overby (Mom)  Read >>
In Rememberance  / Kristina Overby (Mom)
In rememberance, please lay pink flowers at either his grave site or the road side memorial.  He loved 'pink'.  Thank you. Close
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )  Read >>
So Very Sorry for Your Loss  / Melissa Eiler (Visitor~Daughter of Irwin & Renee Eiler )

Happy Mother's Day  / Denise Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Happy Mother's Day  / Denise Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

God Bless You...
Love Alway's '
Donna Gramlich & Ron Ayers

Hi Alex.  / Taylor (Friend)  Read >>
Hi Alex.  / Taylor (Friend)
Hey Alex.
I was just thinking about you and the day we met. You were at my house playing basketball and you were so outgoing and fun to be around. Whenever I would see you at school, you always had a smile on your face. On the last day of school, you came up to me and gave me a hug and said that you probably wouldnt see me for a long time. The day I found out you died, I instantly thought of that moment.
Everyone here misses you so much. You will be in our hearts forever.
Watch over everyone down here. Cant wait to see you! 

Taylor Close
everyday life  / Kristen Lewis (Close Friend and neighbor )  Read >>
everyday life  / Kristen Lewis (Close Friend and neighbor )
its been its been about 6 or 7 months  since your accident. it took awhile to snk in , i couldnt run down the street and call you off the computer and couldnt bother u and kevin haha. so many memories i will always remember have you in them. in the snow and n the bus. i remeber in the fifth grade (u were in 4th) it was the last day of school and i hada water bottle ad u said betcha wont sqiurt me and i sqiurted you haha wehave been close ever since. and then haha alex came a few years later. man did she hit u like a rock u were gahgah over her since the day she said hello. and she liked you back. she still wears that necklace u got her from alantic beach she loves it. she misss you though shes stronger about than i am. i catch myself crying uncontrllably and talking to you when i need guidence or to say hi. bella! oh how bella has grown. she has sheded the shyness a bit. since they moved ive only seen her a couple of times but thee is so much of you in here alex its amazing same mischevious smle beautiful big brown eyes. and the cutest nose haha she is dating BOTH of the twins. she gets that from me haha highschool.... is the same as middle just more facial hair. i somtimes wonder in class how different it would be if you were here. were would i sit on the bus would you and alx be together haha. i miss you so much its smtime unbarable. your smile is in my head often and your laugh i can sill hear. i never want your laugh to fade from my memory its so destictive so happy.the laugh i hear is always the one  wen you tried to Snow board on the plastic table in your driveway and totally fell and laughed so hard me and alex rolled to. haha and wen i accidentally broke your portch light (sorry obi) and said who am i and you said statue of liberty haha i still use that inside joke but only alex gets it.its hard evryday and somtimes i think i wont make it threw but i do because i think about how much you wouldnt want me to be sad. and your parents god bless them haha i rember u used to go in 2 hours early somnights because your dad was playing poker with his friends and u loved to watch. haha i bet chess misses you you were his bestfriend. and u were one of mine too. when i get really sad and think of you i often remembe how lucky we were to know you. at some peole funerals poems are read people talk about meaningless things. and they alwys say you dont know what youve got till its gone. but everyone in that church had a memory one that was lifechangeing. know one took u for granted and o one will ever forget ur loving hart and your gift for helping people. i idolize you alex and i wish i could of watch you grow up but i got 5 wonderful lifchanging years that i will remeber always.  and jesus has a plan for you. somthing great. i know it. ok BET MEMORY i remember when you me and alex were in her basment we playing the card pasing game and i swear you dropped that card on purpose everytime but haha atleast i can say i got to kiss the perfect man haha. well i should go before i start a book but i will keep in touch. i love you forever and always my forver young angel and will see you in my dreams. 
-kristen- Close
Bella's Birthday  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Bella's Birthday  / Mom (Mom)
Alex - your sis turns 5 on Tuesday.  Wish you were here.  She is growing up fast.  She is giving teachers back rubs at day care in exchange for candy.  That reminds me of you.  Always cutting a deal for something.  She is in Karate now.  That was difficult because I remember you and Sarah in Karate.  I was surprised to see how much she already knew.  I'm sure you had a lot to do with that!  She told me she learned it from you.  Well - we miss you dearly.  I would give anything to have you back.  I love you always.  Close
Happy New Years  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Happy New Years  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

We love you  / Kristina Overby (Mother)  Read >>
We love you  / Kristina Overby (Mother)

Merry Christmas.  Thank you for being there with us this Christmas.  Me miss you dearly. 

Merry Christmas  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years

God Bless,
Donna & Ron

Thankgiving in heaven  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Thankgiving in heaven  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

When you woke up this morning
And washed your sleepy face,
Did you think to pause a minute or two
And thank God for His grace?
Or when you stepped outside today
And you saw that big blue sky,
And that shinin' sun that smiles on you
Like the Lord was sayin' "Hi"...
Did you stop to pray and thank the Lord
For the good He sends your way,
For His matchless love and His endless grace
That He pours out every day?
How would you rate at the Pearly Gate
If God said, "Don't you know...
You've as many days as you filled with praise
When you walked down there below!"
Would you get to spend just a short weekend
Or a half a dozen worth,
If He let you stay for each single day
That you thanked Him while on earth?
While it sure is great that we celebrate
What we call Thanksgiving Day,
And it's fun to see all the family
And to watch the children play...
Still, it just seems odd that we thank our God
Only when Thanksgiving's here,
For it seems to me giving thanks should be
Every day throughout the year! 

God Bless,
Donna & Ron

Birthday Celebration  / Kristina Overby (Mother)  Read >>
Birthday Celebration  / Kristina Overby (Mother)
Alex, so many showed up today to your roadside memorial and to Sakura's.  So many people loved you.  Sakura's was great.  Nathan caught all the shrimp thrown at him and once they cut up the chicken Nigel's dad joined in and caught a few.  It seemed everyone enjoyed themselves and it would have been much better if you were with us.  Well - hun, we wish we could have given you that laptop you wanted.  

I bet your birthday celebration in Heaven was a blast.  You seem to have fun werever you are at.  I'm sure your spending it with Grandma and Grandpa Overby.  Keep an eye on them.

We love you - forever!!!

Luv Mom, Dad, and Bella Close
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